The ShaggySwag Mission



Save time, save money, call it a win.

We’ll save you time in transit, and time standing in line by sending you those smart, useful everyday items that make dog-life easy. From eco-friendly poo bags and wipes to top of the line shampoos, and high-quality, must-have grooming supplies. Clean hands, clean paws, and one fancy lookin’ dog.


Life’s better when you got swag.

We’ll send you the raddest and the baddest, custom made toys that you can’t find anywhere else, guaranteed to keep your pup hyped for playtime. Plus, you’ll have unique treats that are nutritious, delicious, and 100% puppin’ awesome. Even on those crazy-busy days when your time together isn’t possible--no worries for you--your Shaggy sidekick always has something tasty to chew and fun to do.


Spread love it’s the Shaggy way.

You and your dog have a one of a kind connection and we’ve got the exclusive Swag for that badass bond. From toys that’ll make other dogs on the block jealous, all the way to a level of style you’ve never seen at the end of a leash. We’ll give you Swagtastic new ways to spend your time together, because more time together = more connection, and your connection with your pup is everything. That’s what ShaggySwag is all about.